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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (August 19th, 2019) - Nashville based duo, Henley, release new single Sell That Truck written by Sayre Henley, Taylor Phillips (Kane Brown, Luke Combs) and Matt Roy (Kane Brown, Adam Doleac). 

"Taylor came in with the idea for Sell That Truck being the Hook - he thought it would be a cool idea to have a girls perspective on having to get rid of a truck because it held too many memories," explains Sayre. "It immediately made my brain flood with memories of an ex who drove a Chevy Silverado and it just went really easy from there. My ex had my picture on his dash until we broke up, and that line really hits home."

In 2017, the brother/sister duo released their debut single, "As Young As We Are" on all streaming platforms. The single reached over 200,000+ stream on Spotify. In May of 2017, their music video for the single reached #1 on the CMT 12 Pack Countdown. Since their debut milestone, they've released additional music "If I Forgot About You" and Centerline". 

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