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Mexican Country Star Romeo Vaughn releases new single "Over"

Rising star, Romeo Vaughn, brings contagious Latin flavor to country music with his latest single Over, where he gives the audience a truly unique experience.

Born in Santa Rosa, Texas and growing up in a Mexican American family, Vaughn says his family is the core of his music. Vaughn’s songs are personal, raw, and shows who he is and where he comes from through every note and bar. They’re about life, plain and simple. Vaughn hopes to leave a lasting impact with his music, giving hope and inspiration to all those kids that come from humble beginnings and think everything’s stacked against them.

‘Over’is a fresh new take on a situation we can all relate to. Co-written by Nashville hit song writers Jason Nix, Daniel Isbell, and Matt McVaney, the song was penned a few years ago, and once Romeo heard it he knew it had to be his next single. Listen to "Over" here.

Vaughn is definitely altering the landscape of country music with this new single. The influence of artists such as Garth Brooks and Michael Jackson are prevalent, and the single puts us back in the throes of a rocky relationship with hooky guitar riffs, deep country vocals, all set to a perfectly balanced pop track. The track perfectly captures what it feels like to not be on the same page as the one you love.

Moreover, romeo firmly leans into his pop and country influences as this track perfectly melds elements from both genres into a gem. Additionally, Vaughn smartly added a electric guitar solo towards the end of the song that will make the audience go absolutely crazy and feel the need to rock it out. It’s a bit of a break from the classic country headbanging beat the rest of the song offers. Vaughn truly knows how to create something you’ve never heard before.

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