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Lenny Martelli Defies the Odds and Releases Much Awaited EP "Just A Thought"

What would you call the story of Lenny Martelli? Amazing? One for the record books? Defying the Odds? Call his story all of these things, because Lenny is one inspiring and committed young man. I had the pleasure of speaking with Lenny about his music career and how his personal experiences has helped to make him the musician he is today.

Travel back several years to when Lenny was 15 years old, living in the Philadelphia area, where he was a cool, confident young sportsman, a self taught musician, playing a multitude of instruments, carefree and loving life. It only took one day to change all of that for him. It was a snowboarding accident that left him paralyzed, unable to move most of his body, and it was a defining moment in this young man’s promising future in sports. Lenny was left with a choice to either live life as a paraplegic or change the course and redefine the path that would lead him to a purpose and a passion….. He chose to work hard and follow that passion with music.

First things first, this was not going to be easy, Lenny had a long road to recovery, and then rehabilitation. He had to relearn to do all the basic life skills that we all do automatically, everyday without a thought given to it. Sit up, eat, brush our teeth, take a shower, you name it. It takes a great deal of muscle strength and reteaching those muscles to work together, and even possibly in a slightly different way to achieve the task at hand. This is where the passion for music kicked in for Lenny. He did not lose all the strength in his arms and hands, so that was the foundation he needed along with the awe inspiring courage to take on the task of becoming a performing musician. We asked about his biggest fear at this point. It was taking on the role of being a musician on stage! That is a huge statement. Lenny mentioned that of course the physical challenges were quite extraordinary to overcome, but it was the actual getting up in front of people singing and playing his guitar, alone on stage, acoustically that he felt was the most challenging. That was amazing to me, because I would think that being able to take small walks would be the most scary! Not! Lenny was remembering that he was an avid athlete and that really helped in the healing process and probably saved his life. Lenny stated that the accident was the foundation for every achievement now.

Click here to watch Lenny and his journey coming back. Click Here

3 Years ago, Lenny made the decision, like most young musicians to make a move to Nashville. He is lucky to be able to keep his home in Philadelphia and travel back and forth. While in Nashville he met many singer/songwriters and Producers including Noah Henson. (Henson produced the EP "Closer" by Kane Brown). Just a Thought was co written with Billy Dawson and produced by Noah Henson. The Debut Ep is available now!

We asked Lenny if there was one place that he would like to entertain a crowd and perform his songs (which he does by himself, acoustically). Lenny stated that it would have to be Austin, and the entire state of the Lonestar State, Texas! Lenny admires the texas music sound and the performers that have come out of that region. One in particular is Cody Johnson. He would enjoy meeting Cody, and discuss his music with that texas flair sound.

Lenny also has a tremendous fan base coming out of London, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. He would enjoy traveling around Europe and that region of the world to thank his fans, he is forever grateful to them for following his story and streaming/purchasing his music.

Lenny will be touring in the Northeast area as well the Midwest and Texas in the upcoming months. You can find his complete Tour schedule on his website.

Keep a close eye on Lenny Martelli, you will love his passion, his drive, his go get "em style that is quite awe inspiring and is reflected in this new EP. Go get Just A Thought now, available on all digital streaming and Retail platforms, Itunes, Apple Music, Amazon and Google.

Lenny Martelli


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