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Leaving Lennox Releases Emotional New Single "Not Ready"

Leaving Lennox dropped a touching new single “Not Ready”. This beautiful piano ballad is supported by distant ethereal electric guitar accents and flowing rhythm. The duo has an unforgettable sound and their vocals dance around each other in a unique way.

“Not Ready (to leave just yet)” is a single about fighting for something important that seems like it’s over. There are many times we know we have to let go of something but we still need one last moment to remember. We stay a little longer for a shred of hope and sometimes we get that hope, other times it is just a memory frozen in time. The duo’s vocals pull at listeners heartstrings as they sing “In the morning we’ll forgive and forget, then we’ll probably do it all over again. But I’m not ready to leave just yet”

Listen to the single here

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