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Laine Lonero Releases New Anthem"No Sweat"

Calling all heartbroken women, Laine Lonero’s new song “No Sweat” is your new anthem song. The song begins with what can only be described as the typical blindside breakup. With fantastic guitar accompaniment, the song follows the aftermath of a breakup where the girl always had that inkling feeling that this guy was definitely NOT the one.

The lyrics “Ain’t got all the time for the games you play…. How could I be sad on a love halfway” really strikes a chord with that freedom feeling that any woman who has had this experience will understand. “No Sweat” shows the story that sometimes we pick the wrong one and should be happy when we can finally be ourselves again. A wondrous base beat throughout the song will have you forgetting that person who doesn't deserve your running mascara and dancing your heart out on top of a table.

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