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Kick-ass Rising Artist Tera Lynne Fister Premieres Lyric Video for SCARS Exclusively on Center Stage

Kick-ass rising artist Tera Lynne Fister leads the pack and brings her sassy attitude to an old school comic-like video with the release of her official lyric video for her latest single Scars. This tune is currently available on Spotify, Apple Music and all digital platforms. You can check out the lyric video premiere on Center Stage Magazine today (CLICK HERE to watch).  

The idea for this video really originated “when I was planning the artwork for the single,” says Fister. “I always envision a comic book playing in my head every time I hear this song…pages turning with Marvel like characters swinging away at their enemies, crashing a car, or breaking a heart all while the classic BLAM! and POW! noise effects bring the pages to life.”

This video was created by local creator and animator Jaired Messing. “I’m so proud of this art and what it represents. I had maybe three phone calls with him during the month process and he took my crazy ideas and visions and holy cow, he had made my vision a reality. It was like he had crawled and lived inside of my mind for that month.”

Scars, which was written by Fister and co-producer/songwriter Christopher Griffiths, is the perfect blend of country and rock rolled into one. “It’s one of my favorites to play live. It’s a head banger for sure with a wail every now and then. Scars have a history and a story behind them. They make us think about our life and how we can use the scars we have to teach others. Very rarely do we actually get to pick our scars - something I learned amongst doing some introspection of my own scars for the purpose of creating this song. I hope you love it! And I hope you’ve come to love and appreciate every scar on you, too.”

With her bright pink hair bouncing around on stage, her sassy banter, distressed yet powerful vocals and edgy guitar licks, this tatted artist is well on her way to showcasing her “psychedelic honky-tonk sass,” style. With describing her sound as “sassy, honest, raw and healing,” Fister is showcasing this to the world. As things slowly start to reopen, she is starting to get back out on the road with smaller tours while still honoring the social distance rules, but she also continuously interacts with her fans on a regular basis across her social media platforms whether she is performing her own Facebook Live shows or joining in on other pages. 

Visit Tera Lynne Fister at her website and follow along with her on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

About Tera Lynn Fister: With a family line of musical talent and exposure to a wide variety of genres since childhood, Tera Lynne Fister is now making her music her way in the heart of Music City. Always one to collaborate, the St. Louis native lent her talents as rhythm guitarist and background vocalist for Kelsey Hickman, opening for acts like Alabama, Jo Dee Messina and Neal McCoy. She can also be seen singing BGVs on tapings of “Real Country,” a singing competition that aired on the USA Network in 2018, which featured judges Shania Twain, Travis Tritt, and Jake Owen. That same year, she did a one-week stint in Switzerland playing the Loschwasserbecken Baden (LWB).

Endorsed by Cole Clark guitars and a seasoned Nashville performer for over eight has reiterated the importance of growth, community, and perseverance. Tera Lynne’s creative input and gifts of empathy and compassion are just the right combinations for communicating with audiences on all levels, creating a sense of nostalgia and oneness. 


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