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Kelsie Kimberlin Makes a Powerful Statement with Release of "American Guns" Single and Music Video

Alternative/Pop artist Kelsie Kimberlin uses her music to make powerful statements on issues that are important to her and her fans all over the world. Her latest single music video "American Guns" celebrates reaching over 1.1 million views since its release on August 27th, 2020.

Kelsie's message addresses gun violence in America and suggests Americans should question which paths to take, to find a remedy. The opening line "Now with our ammo, are we protecting all of the world, While we are shooting so many people with our weapons of war," does not hide the thought provoking ideas Kelsie brings about in "American Guns."

"I am not interested in creating disposable music that does not connect emotionally to the listener.  Therefore, I want every part of my music and my cinematic videos to touch people." -Kelsie Kimberlin

The melody and chorus in "American Guns" has a light hearted almost playful tone and offers a stark contrast to the gravity of the issue being discussed and displayed. The Scorsese-likecinematography of the music video is very satirical and uses jump cut scenes that are quite graphic, but necessary. The video also highlights the various degrees of awareness (or oblivion) and sensitivity people have to this issue. Some view the scenes as a spectacle, others are clueless, and still others understand the horror of what is happening. "American Guns" makes a brave, bold statement and shares a perspective that really causes the viewer to think about it's message and how they might respond to the thought provoking art.

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