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Kelly Lang Releases Highly Anticipated Album 'Old Soul'

The stage is set as singer/ songwriter Kelly Lang draws the curtains and starts the show with the release of her highly anticipated album, 'Old Soul”. Surviving the tests of time, these serendipitous spins on popular classic hits of the 70s and 80s brush the dust off of a time capsule to uncover the feel-good intent of simpler times. 'Old Soul' dances into the scene with unrivaled grace and distinctive dynamic, transporting listeners back to music's greatest era. 'Old Soul' isavailable to download and stream on all digital platforms.

Visit here to listen to 'Old Soul.'

“When I was recording my new album 'Old Soul,' I chose songs that brought me back to a simpler time. These songs are woven into the tapestry of our musical lives. My hope is that the listener will also be able to reminisce and be transported back to great memories while enjoying these classics with a new twist,” shares Lang.

The beauty of 'Old Soul' is manifested when Lang uses the power of music to turn the key that unlocks bliss within hearts across the world. The new album gives fans the opportunity to relive the magic that was first felt when listening to the original singles.'Old Soul' features 14 covers of critically acclaimed songs and highlights Lang's rare love and appreciation for the timeless classics. The album is sponsored by Springer Mountain Farms Chicken.

From writing and performing to producing her own music, Lang remains bold in her pursuit to deliver light to listeners and spread hope in times of need. Audiences of all ages are drawn to the sultry magnetism and positive charisma that flow from Kelly's eclectic energy and passion for her craft. The show has just begun as Kelly Lang stars with her ‘Old Soul’ to bring a one-of-a-kind listening experience to all!

Leading up to the release of 'Old Soul,' during an appearance on Coffee, Country & Cody live on WSM and Circle TV, Lang was surprised with Proclamations from both the City of Nashville and her home town of Oklahoma City, declaring September 18, 2020, officially 'Kelly Lang Day'. Both of these honors are coinciding with the release of her new album.

"I never saw this coming," says Lang. "What a fun and humbling honor. I loved Charlie Mattos' suggestion that Southwest Airlines should let me fly free several times today from Nashville to Oklahoma City. That would be hilarious."

To keep up with future releases and everything Kelly Lang, visit HERE and follow her social channels linked below.


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