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Kathryn Shipley Rises Above In Her New Music Video

Once More, Country Music Artist Kathryn Shipley elevates our emotions through her song and new music video, ‘Rise Above.’ ‘Rise Above’ is a beautiful tribute to the tragic loss of the thirteen U.S. service members killed supporting Operation Freedom’s Sentinel on August 26, 2021. The song itself is a very uplifting track providing hope to not only the families of those lost, but all U.S. citizens that we can “rise above” and grow stronger.

The video starts off with authentic audio clips of reporters talking about the Afghanistan attack. It then slowly moves into a display of patriotism put on by Shipley herself with the many American flags peppered throughout the video. The peace and love that Shipley is trying to send to the U.S. is evident throughout the video as the raw emotion she feels is seen not only in her facial expressions as she sings, but heard in her vocals. At the end of the video she pays homage to all of the service members to honor their memory.

In memory of the “13” Jared Schmitz’s father founded The 13 Freedom Foundation.

Listeners can find Shipley on her website.


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