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It's Not Just A Phase... Kerrigan Barry Explodes On The Rock Scene With Her New Single.

Kerrigan Barry released her recent single “Phase” on February 29th, 2024. “Phase” is a punk-rock cry of every young adult who refuses to change their identity just to fit into the societal norms.

You can listen to the single here! “Phase” is quickly impacting new music and was featured on Apple Music’s ‘New Rock Music’ editorial playlist.

We all have heard our parents tell us that ‘it’s just a phase’, but Kerrigan says “What if it isn’t a phase?”. The early 2000s sound fits beautifully with the nostalgic vibe Kerrigan portrays. Like many of her listeners, stuck in the day-to-day routine, she questions if she may be going a little crazy or if she just isn’t doing what was expected from her. Being subscribed to so many magazines, but choosing to read an old letter instead relates to a lot of listeners. 

Punk-Rock music is coming back and Kerrigan Barry’s “Phase” celebrates this new trend.

Raw, real, and unapologetically reckless, Kerrigan Barry was born with a fire in her heart, stoked by rock ‘n’ roll in her bones. The Cleveland, Ohio native (now a Nashville Resident) found catharsis and truth in writing lyrics and melodies after watching Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Live as a 5-year-old kid. Quite possibly the only 4th grader in her generation to have The Rolling Stones’ “Tattoo You” on their iPod shuffle, Kerrigan began her lifelong love affair with music earlier than most. It has since proven to be the most beautifully intoxicating relationship she ever imagined experiencing. Barry was selected as a finalist in the 35th Annual American Songwriter Song Competition, praised for her raw approach to putting pen to paper. Her fans have been anxiously waiting for her to drop her new music. It should be noted that Kerrigan is one of Nashville's most sought-after managers, graphic designers, and creative directors. She is one of a kind, authentic, and driven to succeed. 

With lyrics, “I’m back in black eyeliner / I’ll probably steal your lighter / Just sick enough to get an inner lip tattoo / My parents used to say/ I’d grow out of this one day / Just reminiscing, shit / What if it isn’t a phase?”, Barry brings us back to the sounds of early 2000s teenage nostalgia, bringing us the modern Avril Lavinge fantasy we’ve always wanted.

You can keep up with Kerrigan Barry on her Instagram. 


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