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Interview with Josiah Siska on His New Single "World Gone Mad"

Music Update Central: What was your specific inspiration for the song?

Josiah Siska: “World Gone Mad” was written by Doug Johnson, Dave Gibson, Walker Montgomery and Nick Sturms and the first time I heard it, I felt warm and comforted as if being wrapped in a hug by a loved one and knowing “everything will be alright.” As that feeling continued to sink in, I knew I was supposed to do my best to share it with other people so we recorded the song. 

In the studio that day, it felt like I was putting on an old pair of worn out boots made just for me, I hope people get that same feeling when they hear “World Gone Mad.”

MUC: What made you most excited to release this single?

JS: What excites me most about releasing this song is knowing the message behind “World Gone Mad”. I want my listeners to be reminded that it’s the little things in life that are most important. My hope is that people will listen to “World Gone Mad” and find something in there that makes them think of the people they love the most and that they carry that reminder with them everyday.

MUC: Any plans for future singles/projects in the near future?

JS: I am pumped up about what my Black River team and I  have been working on over the past year. We have some awesome music and content that I cannot wait to share with the world. I’m excited for listeners to get to hear the songs I plan to release in the future ...I just can’t talk about it yet.

MUC: What is the biggest thing you'd like listeners to take away from this single? JS: The biggest thing I would like listeners to take away from “World Gone Mad” comes from the lyrics “I’ve got everything, just knowing that you have a safe place to fall in a world gone mad.” I think we often find ourselves taking things for granted or feeling like we don't have enough to be happy. That line reminds me of what matters in the end. The world around us changes more and more everyday and there will never be enough money to buy happiness. It’s the people that you love and spend your time with that bring the happiness. I hope people hear that message in this song and hug the folks they love the most, because that’s what having everything is to me.


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