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Interview with Joel Ansett - Releases his New Single “Ease” Thursday!

Photo by Jess Wagner

Thank you for talking with us! Where did you find inspiration for your new single, “Ease?” It started as a guitar riff I just played over and over, and eventually it became a riff that kind of calmed me down. Even though it has this constant, potentially anxious pace to it, it became a therapeutic thing I would just play to calm down and get out of my own head. Are you mainly inspired by what happens around you for your songs? Yea, the inspiration really comes from all over the place; personal emotions, personal stories, books, movies, things strangers say at the bar. Just always collecting ideas.  What’s a song you may have written ‘just for you,’ but has had a lot of response from listeners? Cool question, there's an older song called "Give Our Hearts Some Weight" that went out and found a following and that was unexpected for me.  What impact would you like for your music to make on this chaotic world of ours? Part of what I love about music is that it can impact people in far greater ways than I could ever imagine. The best stories are when the songs find a person and hit home in a way I never would have intended. Music is magic like that. Lately I've been seeing how much songs can help us grieve, and that's a weird but beautiful impact to have on listeners. Healing can't really happen for me unless I go through some grieving first. So to state it more positively, I hope my music helps bring healing...via grieving. 

What would eight-year old Joel say to you now about your life and career? Good job, keep going buddy. Don't worry so much about what people think and just keep writing your songs.  If we turned on your iPod/music device, what would be playing? Probably Coldplay If you could curate your dream music festival who would be the three headliners? Death Cab for Cutie, Kevin Garrett, Coldplay What accomplishment would you say you are most proud of? My kids are the greatest Any last words for our readers and your fans? How do they connect with you? Thanks for reading and listening. I hope the songs bring some healing for you. Stream away, and keep in touch through the website:

Photo by Jess Wagner

Joel Ansett moved to Denver, Colorado in 2014 and cut his songwriting teeth by playing every local open mic he could find. He has since found fans all over the country with more than 12 million streams online, a song placed in Marvel's "The Punisher" , and a spot at #9 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart for his debut LP The Nature of Us (2015). Ansett followed up his first album with the release of A Place I Knew Before (2019) which was described as “Striking a careful balance that only comes with great intention, A Place I Knew Before blends sonic experimentation with strong songwriting, but more deeply places grief and hope side by side” (Marquee Mag). With music that straddles the lines between folk, pop, and R&B, Ansett goes beyond the limitations of genre to create a memorable experience for listeners. His sound is described as “the sonic lovechild of John Legend and The Tallest Man On Earth” (The Huffington Post) and showcases Ansett’s individuality in an over-saturated industry of singer-songwriters.


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