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Interview: Country Folk Artist Lauren Jaimes Releases "Home is Where You Are" Single & Video

Music Update Central chatted on the phone with Country Artist Lauren Jaimes about her upcoming debut music video "Home Is Where You Are" releasing this Friday April 3rd.

MUC: What influenced or inspired you to write this song?

Lauren Jaimes: " I released my debut EP in 2018 that was more introspective and slower, kinda sadder in feel. I wanted to to something fun and upbeat and explore a different side in my song writing."

MUC: "Home Is Where You Are" is fun, very lighthearted and it looked like you had a blast making the video! Tell me about how and where you made it? What was the inspiration and who wrote and directed?

Lauren James: "We had a lot of fun shooting the video! We rented a studio apartment in Brooklyn. Elliot Debruyn was the cinematographer and my fiance Forrest Weber was the creative talent behind the video concept and direction! He came up with the idea of doing the whole video in a one shot format!"

MUC: "Wait,...One Shot?? You guys did all of that in one shot?! That's amazing, props to all of your cast and crew! Tell me about them."

Lauren Jaimes: "YES! We rehearsed the choreography and blocked out placing but we filmed it one seamless take at a time. I think we did it about 3 times all together? This was the take we chose for the video. As I mentioned, my fiance who is an actor and director created the concept, chose the wardrobe and directed the shoot. He is my dance partner in the video of course! The cast are other friends, and fellow local artists, singers and dancers. They are amazing!"

MUC: "What is it like being a Country Music Artist in Brooklyn, NY that is perhaps not really known as a source for new Country Music?" 

Lauren Jaimes: "While Brooklyn and NY aren't necessarily known for CM, it definitely has a strong following and is gaining ground in popularity! All of the artists here are so amazing! The art scene is really connected. People are very generous, they want to support and help each other create new art."

MUC: "As most of the country is actually stuck at "home" right now, tell me your thoughts of how this song "Home Is Where You Are" can relate to what everyone is dealing with?"

Lauren Jaimes: "Well, it is really challenging! I was scheduled to perform at the New Jersey Folk Festival in April and originally hoped to debut this single there, but that has of course been cancelled. However, this time to spend with family at home is a positive thing and it kind of proves the point of the song, that no matter what, "Home Is Where You Are".  I hope to be able to continue working on my next EP "Constellations" that will include this single, and we plan to shoot more music videos with each new song as well.

MUC: "Thank you for sharing your music and video with us, and we look forward to seeing more from you Lauren Jaimes!" 

Lauren Jaimes: "Thank You for having me!"

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