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Nashville, TN (February 19, 2021) – Gabrielle Mooney is no stranger to slightly breaking a rule every now and then, or even being a bit naughty if the mood strikes. But like all of us in our growing years, she struggled on occasion to figure out where the lines were and how to fit certain societal expectations in her small hometown, while still staying true to herself. In her edgy new song, “Bad,” the vixen lights a match to that dilemma and watches it go up in flames as she snarls through the incendiary track. Her fiery vocals lament the struggle of being a rebellious, spunky, “girl Johnny Cash who likes her country boys covered in tats,” while doing her best to walk the straight and narrow.

The new song is definitely autobiographical for Mooney, who was torn between the strong Christian atmosphere in which she was brought up and her desire to run with some wilder kids, who didn't look or act like everyone else. “I wrote 'Bad' to tell the story of a time in my life when I wasn’t sure of the difference between being good or misbehaving,” recalls Mooney about the inspiration for the song. “I grew up in a religious town. Tattoos, Rock music, and 'all black' clothing was seen as something straight out of the Devil’s handbook. Morally I knew right and wrong, but the things that WEREN’T taught in the Bible, and just interpreted to fit into people’s bias, are what made me question everything. So this song is about me talking to God, telling Him that I like these 'bad' things and like being a little rebellious. It’s me asking if He’s cool with me being this way or if I’m backsliding away from Him. I went through a lot to find my way, but I feel like we all do. This song is the story of how I became who I am now." Mooney co-penned “Bad” with Jeffrey Michael Garrison and Aaron Kyle Jefferson. Produced by Jamie Kenney, the hard-driving new tune is pure unadulterated fun in a way only the feisty artist can convey as she celebrates the naughty joy of misbehaving once in a while and coloring a little outside the lines. Click HERE to listen.

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