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From the Heart of Cajun Country, Meet JT Lewis

JT has made quite a journey from the heart of Cajun country in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to his new home in Nashville, Tennessee. Although the ride took a bit of time, his rock solid work ethic and his tough country nature led him to do whatever it would take to make it in this crazy business we call music.

Playing guitar came naturally for young JT, when he started around 12 years old. Through high school, he started writing and producing his own recordings and playing local gigs. It was no surprise that as young Lewis grew up, he would take his love for music to the next level.

As JT completed college, and was starting down a more serious artist path, he started writing in Nashville with industry professionals like Producer Billy Aerts (Kenny Chesney, Miley Cyrus, Joe Cocker) and Publisher/Writer Scott Lynch (Lee Brice, Faith Hill, Trace Adkins). JT wanted to write a song called “Shoot Straight,” which was an idea he got after a conversation he had with his grandfather about maintaining a strong work ethic and integrity. It ended up being the title track to his debut EP and found a happy home for a while on the Inspirational Country Music Charts and hit Top 10 late 2016.

Couch surfing the United States, JT started to tour more and more after his debut release, and slowly, but surely extending his fan base, state by state. Regardless of whether he was sleeping in a cozy guest room, or in the back seat of his car using a sweatshirt as a pillow, JT gave it all he got while playing his shows and always got invited back. All the while, he continued to give back to communities across the nation by playing fundraising concerts, and volunteering to take disabled youth into the outdoors to experience huntin’ and fishin’.

JT played over 80 shows in 2017 and gained huge exposure and loyal fans by touring with/opening for Logan Mize. He also has shared the stage with artists like Charles Esten who plays Deacon on CMT’s “Nashville”, Chris Bandi, and others. His influences of pure country lyrics, pop melodies, and hard rock riffs, is like a Cajun gumbo recipe for an energy filled show where the fans can’t help but dance and sing along to all their favorite songs. And originals like his new single, “Just A Truck,” grab the listener’s soul and keep them on the dance floor.


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