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Dusty Black Releases Emotional Single "Places To Run,"

“Places To Run,” Dusty Black’s emotional new single written by Josh Mirenda, Taylor Phillips and Brock Berryhill, and produced by country star Colt Ford and Grammy award-winning producer, Noah Gordon, is set for release Friday, February 26, 2021. Check out the lyric video for “Places To Run” here. Released via Black Label Country Records, “Places To Run “ is an uptempo break-up song that hits home for Black after his marriage of ten years came to an end in 2020. “We all have pain, we all have a story and there’s no more universal story than losing someone we love," said Black. "'Places To Run' is a song that really taps into those emotions we’ve all felt in that difficult time right after a breakup. There are times when things just don’t make sense and no matter how many turns we make, we’re constantly running into that person and the memories we made together along the way. This is especially true when you live in a small town or one where everybody knows everybody, we often “run out of places to run.” “Places To Run,” follows Black’s debut single, “Right Church, Wrong Pew,” which garnered Music Row’s weekly “DISCovery Award” by noted music reviewer, Robert Oermann. Oermann remarked that Black “sings with a sandpapery charm,” and that "Right Church, Wrong Pew," was “The best debut single I’ve heard all year.”


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