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Country singer/songwriter Liv Charette released her new single “Bulletproof” today.

The up-tempo, empowering break-up tale is the follow-up to Charette’s critically-acclaimed commanding ballad, “That Kind of Song,” which has garnered over 150K streams and continues to grow.  Charette says “Bulletproof” is the age-old story of a romantic love gone wrong. Performed from the woman’s perspective, she said it comes from both a vulnerable and empowering place.  She admits that her ex broke her heart, but that what hurts even more is that he has moved on and doesn’t seem to be phased by the breakup at all. The Victoria Banks (“What Are You Gonna Tell Her” (Mickey Guyton)), Emily Shackelton (“Every Little Thing” (Carly Pearce)) and Amber Carrington-penned “Bulletproof” includes the lyrics: We pulled the trigger and I came undone baby/This heart of mine feels like its shot right through/Yeah this goodbye is like a smoking gun boy/If this doesn't get to you, you must be bulletproof.  “When this song was pitched to me, I was immediately drawn to its edgier vibe and its relatability, and I knew it was a story that needed to be told,” Charette said. “I always say I am caught somewhere between glitter and a leather jacket. My first single, ‘That Kind of Song’, was my glitter song, ‘Bulletproof’ is my leather jacket song. It’s a side of me as an artist that I’m excited to share with the world.”  A native of Ottawa, Canada, Charette has made a home for herself in Music City the past five years and is signed with The AMG. To download “Bulletproof please visit: For more information on Charette please visit:


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