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Country-pop artist Devon Beck releases her highly-anticipated debut EP One Sided Expectations, available on all digital platforms.

Having just graduated from high school, the inspiration [behind] most of my songs is really just a reflection of all the heartbreak you go through as a teenager,” said Devon. “Each song is pretty much a story related to a moment in time over the past few years that had a pretty deep effect on who I am, whether I was in the wrong or the person who hurt me was in the wrong.

Devon’s mature lyrical approach and soulful vocal delivery are at the forefront of her artistry. Her multi-talented, gracious and truthful nature is evident through each track on her debut EP.

The Pennsylvania native and recent high school graduate made the move to Nashville this year, catching the attention of country music sensation Jimmie Allen who named Devon “an artist to watch” on his Instagram New Artists Showcase. Forever Media’s radio personality Scott Donato stated, “if you have not seen her yet, you will become an instant fan,” requesting Devon to be featured at Pennsylvania’s York State Fair.

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