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Country artist Eddie Ray Arnold releases captivating music video for single "What If I Don't"

Phenomenal country artist Eddie Ray Arnold continues to amaze the music industry with his new release “What If I Don’t.” Eddie has headlined events such as regional Relay for Life Fundraisers, the Madison County 200 Year Anniversary Festival, and the Madison County Festival. He has also played numerous shows at famous Athens venues such as The 40 Watt, The Melting Point, and The Foundry. Now, Eddie continues to bless his audience with his songs, spreading his positive attitude throughout the songs he chooses to write and sing.

Eddie released the accompanying video for the single, which perfectly encapsulates the song as a whole.

Eddie’s new single, “What If I Don’t” is the perfect country hit, with a super contagious melody that will make the audience want to dance and sing along with the song. This country-rock song definitely has the lyrics, and the instrumentals any country fan will adore, with initial soft vocals that bring a peaceful feeling to the audience, and the presence of background vocals and stronger instrumentation during the chorus, helping add power to the song. The guitar solo towards the end gives the song a unique and contagious vibe to the track, making people dance in their seats. “What If I Don’t” has amazing lyrics that convey a message of moving on, starting fresh, and trying different things, which will make it easy for people to connect with.

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