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Brenda Cay's New EP Fragile Like a Bomb Takes a Jab at 2020

Brenda Cay releases her long awaited EP 'Fragile Like A Bomb. Brenda's EP release is available today November 20, 2020 on all digital and download sites.

Fragile Like A Bomb is an incredible collection of well crafted country songs about empowerment, growth, and change. These core elements really shine through in every song as Brenda takes us on a journey of her life through her songs. Fragile Like A Bomb encapsulates not only the somber and realistic side of life but also the fun and wild side of what music can represent. The EP shows Brenda’s spunk and amazing talent in each song and truly captures the landscape of 2020. Cay earned absolute respect and solidfied her place as a coveted songwriter with the three previously released singles capturing nine licensing deals.

The Title Track "Fragile Like A Bomb" is precisely the song you need to push play on with the volume all the way up. Have you ever had a day, maybe a month, or even a year you felt just wasn’t going your way?The single portrays a powerful message of motivating yourself to raise your own bar. Brenda’s lyrics “my fire keeps on raging, burning and blazing,” is so powerful and tdrives home the message that as long as you have the fire of determination inside, you will come out the other side stronger.

“Stamp Collector” is the ideal song for the quintessential wandering soul. All the places she lists she will travel to, like Italy, China, and Germany, will make any listener long for the backpacker experience, gazing out the window of the plane while waiting for life’s next great adventure. Why sit at home wishing you could travel the world when you could get a passport and become your own “stamp collector? "1-2-3-Floor" is the perfect honky tonk song for any Friday Night and her fans agree. The single was featured on Apple Hot Tracks, Streamed 317K times and continues to delight her fans. The single was licensed by spotify & private label upon release. "I Fish" is dedicated to Brenda's brother who passed away tragically five years ago. Her hook "Some people visit grave, some people pray, I fish" earned her three licenses (Spotify, Rhapsody & Private label) and has streamed on Spotify 240K. "Unplug and Recharge" nods to the modern age of technology, where people live in the false reality of social media. Cay reminds us to slow down and enjoy the simpler things in life. This single garnerd three licenses (Spotify, Rhapsody & Private Label) and has been streamed 180K on Spotify.

Executive Producers Brenda Cay & Brian Brewer along with Kristen K. Smith Producing "Glass Slippers". Brenda Cay wrote all of the songs. Co-Writes include (Kristen K. Smith - Glass Slippers, Brian Brewer - Unplug & Recharge, Skot Bradley & Kristen K. Smith - I Fish, Mitch Collins - Stamp Collector). Mastered: Moontree Mastering (Brian Poole).


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