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Alternative-Rock Duo Sleep Nation Brings The Heat with New Single and Music Video "Get Out"

Alternative-rock duo, Sleep Nation is back with another high-energy banger with their new single & music video "Get Out," which released today for streaming & download.

"Get Out" streaming & download link:

This latest single by rising rock band Sleep Nation, "Get Out," is a powerful anthem for everyone who feels like they've got to get away from where they are right now, or for anyone who doesn't feel like they fit in. Rebellious guitar riffs and added vocal effects during the chorus elevate this track's sonic quality. The heavily electronic vocal modulation on the bridge only serves to further diversify the variety on this track. It's a real high-energy headbanger.

Along with the instrumentation, "Get Out" also conveys a strong message regarding stereotyped musicians, alongside a discussion about crime and how people try to get away from it. The song also possesses catchy lyrics to increment their rock n' roll atmosphere. Sleep Nation also did an incredible job bringing the rock vibes by adding a fantastic guitar solo, with the drum as background, to finish the song on a high note. This is another hit for Sleep Nation.

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