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Abe Grossman's newest single "Dirty Cheap Hotel" is a folky, nostalgic dream

“Dirty Cheap Hotel” is a song that is unique, visible, and filled with poetic storytelling. This track tells a beautifully tragic story told over top a simple yet entrancing instrumental. Despite its minimalism, the arrangement gives off a vibe that can only be described as the perfect combination of melancholy and nostalgia. He channels the likes of John Prine and The Beatles in this newest single, as “Dirty Cheap Hotel” grows into a beautiful cornucopia of sound as it progresses. You can listen to the song by clicking here.

Abe Grossman is an American singer-songwriter and alternative acoustic rock musician based in Los Angeles, CA. His voice and guitar playing echoes undertones of his childhood influences - great songwriters like Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens, Nick Drake, and John Martyn. He obtained a degree in music from Naropa University, which only adds to the impressive skill set that Grossman already had as a true artist. Having played in bands for years, a great lover of rock and roll, Grossman has found more of his heart and soul in the stripped-down song, the focus on the songwriting craft, and an expression uniquely his own. Abe released his debut singles, the front half of his EP project, “Ghost In The Dark,” “Speed of Night,” and “Blue Jays,” as well as his latest project, the single and music video for “Dirty Cheap Hotel.”

The intro, comprised of rich guitar and Abe’s warm, gruff vocals lets you know off the bat that this song is going to make you feel something. Then the bass, accompanied by the wailing guitar, fills up the remaining space to create that overwhelming feeling of chills running down your back. The chorus captures the feeling of desperately trying to mend a relationship that’s falling apart and the final realization that some people aren’t meant to hold on to. Speaking intimately about such a personal relationship is something many artists strive for, but Grossman serves as one of the few that can capture this emotion in lyrics.

Abe is an exquisite songwriter and writes lyrics that tell such a gripping story without giving away too much to the listener.

“Dirty Cheap Hotel” is not only a delightful folk ballad but is also a piece of art in every sense of the word. The pure emotion of the lyrics and vocal performance combined with the marvelous production make “Dirty Cheap Hotel” an absolute powerhouse of a song that will resonate with music lovers everywhere.

Be sure to keep up with Abe Grossman on all social media platforms and on his website.


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