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Aaron Marlowe Gives Us a 90's inspired Rock Song With His Latest Single "Go On, Hero"

Aaron Marlowe released his newest Rock single “Go On, Hero”, taking us through the story of a little girl from her birth to her adulthood. Download and Stream Here.

The song talks about a “hero” being always by the girl’s side, protecting her, and helping her with problems. Aaron never reveals who the hero is, so listeners have the freedom to interpret who they think the “hero” stands for. Some may think the “hero” represents a father figure, some may think it’s a guardian angel or an imaginary friend.

Aaron’s rock influences run heavily through the 70’s and 80’s with the likes of Led Zeppelin, Kip Winger, Bruce Springsteen & Neil Young. 

“Go On, Hero” is a love letter to classic rock bands of the 80's and 90's, with a sort of funk twist to set him apart from the rest.

Aaron Marlowe has been playing guitar for 25 years, but he recently broke into the Nashville music scene. Working as a software developer, Aaron realized that he had even more talent to give to the world. After nearly 20 years in the corporate world, he decided he could both create music and design computer programs combining both of his passions into his life. Raised in East Tennessee in a family steeped with a rich love of the Grand Ole Opry and country legends such as Alabama and Johnny Cash.

Aaron’s first EP “Ladies and Gentlemen…” was released in 2020. Just like the rest of his music, it displays the dynamic way he can blend country and rock. Listeners will find songs that fit the traditional rock mold, as well as some with a strong country influence as they listen to hits like “Bottom of The Shot Glass” and “That Old Countryside.” Aaron Marlowe is a prolific writer and his lyrical compositions blur the musical genre lines. He truly fits the “singer-songwriter” mold with a heavy lean toward his love of classic rock and classic country music. Marlowe made the move to Nashville right at the beginning of the pandemic.  He spent his days writing and cultivating his album “Resurrection” released in January 2023.  Marlowe will be releasing a waterfall of singles off of the LP along with music videos as we head into the summer of 2024.  Heroes released on June 23, 2023 on all digital and download sites.  The LP Resurrection is available on all digital download & Streaming Sites.

Keep up with Aaron Marlowe HERE!


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