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Flash Review: Ashley Tisdale Releases New Single 'Love me & Let Me Go'

After a major successful comeback in 2018, Ashley Tisdale is kickin’ down doors with her second single, “Love Me & Let Me Go,” from her forthcoming third studio album, Symptoms. The newly released single was produced by Goldfinger’s front man, John Fledmann.

Tisdale has been speaking out about her struggle with anxiety and depression and how they are themes of this album. This single and her previous one, “Voices in My Head,” have helped many fans who are struggling. It features the lyrics, “Love me and let me walk away, finally let me breathe stop being so obsessed with me. Love me and let me go,” which could be about a former lover or her anxiety.

Love Me & Let Me Go is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out newer recently releases music on our “Friday Flash” playlist. Follow the playlist for a follow for your weekly new music fix.

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