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It's a No!

When you live in a city like Nashville, everyone is trying to do the same exact thing. Trying to be the next country “superstar.” Why do some breakthrough and others don’t? Well, first off, I just like to say, “I’m going to fake it until I make it” isn’t getting you anywhere, but drunk tourists thinking you’re the next Luke Bryan. You should never want to be the next someone. I think that’s the wrong mindset. You always want to be yourself. Once you start trying to be someone else, you just look like a bad copy of them.

A lot of artists tend to think, what’s popular at the moment on the radio, is what people want to hear. What’s popular on the radio now, has already been done. You need to be different. If you start writing songs similar to other successful artists, it will just sound like something that didn’t make the cut off their album.

There’s so many artists just putting out songs for the hell of it. There’s one thing when you’re Blake Shelton, you can release anything you want, and people are going to love it. Why? Because he’s Blake Shelton. But when you’re a new artist, you’re still making your bones in the industry.

When you’re rushing to put out a song, you’re basically degrading yourself. You need to put out songs, but it needs to be good and original. Otherwise, it sounds like a 13 year old wrote a song, found an instrumental on YouTube, and decided to record it. You never want to rush anything. Fans would rather wait to hear a song that’s memorable than an unfinished product. If you’re going to copy someone else, at least make it look good and not sound half finished. It’s almost like an insult to the artist that you’re trying to copy. I’m sorry to say this, but it’s a no from me.

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