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Get More Coverage For Your New Music

#TipsForNewArtist: This is a topic I wanted to discuss. I’m sure a lot of fellow journalists and bloggers would agree on.... Please don’t bombard us with automated messages of your new single! Every time someone sends a message about their new single to check out, which you can clearly tell they copied and paste to several other people. It’s not getting my attention, nor does it make me want to cover it. Nobody wants to get a dm or email that sounds like you sent the exact same message to everyone else. What always attracted me to cover an artist is whether they were personal or not. If you’re personal with others, the more people you are likely to attract. My recommendation would be to personalize a message and/or email. By personalizing a message, it will help you stand out and more likely for us not to overlook you. Another thing to note, if someone covers your music, share it on social media. If we give you the time of day to take time to cover your music on our websites/platforms, the least you can do is share it on your page. By doing something as simple as sharing what we covered, it will stick to the back of our minds to keep up with you and your career. We will be more likely to cover you again on our sites and promote you on our platforms. ox Brittany

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