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Henley Takes 'Sibling Bond' to a New Level

Having a sibling comes with some perks, especially when you and your sibling share a talent for making music and that’s exactly what Georgia born brother and sister-duo Shea and Sayre Henley get to experience daily. The two got their start while at college in Texas, writing songs and learning the ways of music. Since then, they’ve gained quite the fan base, notching over 200,000 streams on their debut single “As Young As We Are.” Their newest single “Centerline” is set to release on August 10th and is a feel-good song to round out your summer.

Both Shea and Sayre’s drive and passion for performing and creating a distinct sound will soon set them above the rest. Being from the same hometown as country legend Alan Jackson, it’s no surprise that they create such buzz within the country music industry. Check out the interview I had with Henley:

Growing up in the same town as Alan Jackson, was country music something that both of you gravitated towards as children? “We definitely grew up on 90’s country! There’s a home video of Shea singing Boot, Scoot, and Boogie and it’s the cutest thing ever. I also have fond memories of getting ahold of my first Rascal Flatts record as a kid and it being an absolute game changer”

For many siblings, they often disagree and argue about certain things but it seems as if you two are very close and good friends. Does that make performing and writing together a lot easier? “It definitely makes it easier! We have a lot of fun writing, playing, and recording making each other laugh and goofing off. We very rarely argue , and when we do it lasts no longer than 3 seconds. Haha!”

How did it feel to have your first professionally recorded single on CMT, a nationally recognized media network that reaches millions of fans a year? “It was an amazing feeling! I think we both felt like all the years of hard work were paying off and we were so excited to show everyone what we had up been up to!”

Talk about the inspiration for your newest single "Centerline". “We wrote “Centerline” with our good friend Kenneth Duncan, and I think we can all 3 agree it was one of those feel good summer songs that was just easy to write and rolled off the tongue. Shea came in with a guitar riff in his head, and we went from there.”

Why did the two of you ultimately decide to become a duo, opposed to the two of you being solo artists? “We are best friends, and always knew we wanted to play music together. When we started writing country songs together in college it just made sense that we do something with it instead of trying to go separate ways with our music! It just clicked.”

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