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NILKA Showcases Musical Abilities with Release of 'Strike'

NILKA's newest release, "Strike," showcases the vocals and originality that sets her apart from other artists. Produced by Mick Utley, “Strike” shows off Nilka’s pristine vocals, a light reggae tempo and a strong resolve to bounce back when things get rough.

"Strike was inspired from a place of exhaustion, frankly. It’s easy to get fatigued and prisoner to our doubts when we have big dreams that can feel out of reach. Strike is the reminder that we are bigger than our doubts and when we snap back into that mindset we comeback stronger than we were before."

“Strike” is the first of three singles Nilka is set to release this summer. "Strike is the starting line for a “heatwave” of new material coming this summer! Fans can expect new music, a couple of shows, and plenty of behind-the-scenes teasers for some surprises up my sleeve."

You can learn more information about NILKA by visiting

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