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Review: (EP) Brinley Addington Brings Us Songs From a Bar

Growing up just roughly four hours from Music City, Brinley Addington knew from a very young age that he wanted to be a country music superstar. At just three years old, he would stand on his parent’s coffee table, pretending he was performing on the Grand Ole Opry. As time went by, he realized that this dream he had growing up could soon become a reality and his love for music continued to grow. He graduated from Belmont University - Music Business program and has built his name as not only a performer but songwriter as well. He recently wrote Tyler Farr’s new hit single ‘I Should Go to Church Sometime’ and has opened for other stars like Florida Georgia Line and Jon Pardi. It’s safe to say that he knows what it takes to be a star in Nashville, and his new EP ‘Songs From a Bar’ has the potential to take him to that next level.

This EP has a very traditional sound, yet harmonizes nicely with the modern country sound that has taken Nashville by storm. The EP features five well-written songs, including his single ‘No Thanks.’ This single without a doubt sounds like a feel-good song while its lyrics touch on real feelings. A track such as ‘Those Kind of Songs’ is also very unique due to the fact that it’s not a traditional country heartbreaker like you’d expect. When listening to it for the first time, it doesn’t sound like a sad song, yet still talks about heartbreak and sadness. Addington’s ability to pour his emotions out in this unique way is something that many other artists simply cannot do.

Brinley Addington should expect a career-changing 2018 with this relatable country music on ‘Songs From a Bar’ and fans can follow his journey on Instagram @brinleyaddington, Twitter @brinley_ and on Facebook!

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