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Ferranti Is On The Ride Of His Life with Newest Release

After moving to Nashville in 2013 to pursue a musical career, Matt Ferranti made connections very quickly and has since paid off greatly. The Bay City, Michigan native went to a songwriter’s round table where four other artists went to display their talents, including current country star Brett Young. The two bonded quickly and Ferranti ended up playing guitar for Young the next weekend in Atlanta for $100. Since then, Young has become very famous with songs like ‘Sleep Without You’ and ‘Like I Loved You’ and Ferranti wanted a taste of his own stardom with his new single ‘Rollercoaster’

Matt Ferranti is a dream chaser and I have a feeling that Brett Young will not have him for much longer but because country music is so family-oriented and supportive, Young will not be too upset, as he will be letting his good friend go so he chase his dreams and hopefully fly as high as he has. Keep up with Ferranti’s journey by following him on Instagram and Twitter @iamferranti and on Facebook @mferrantimusic.

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