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Review: Noah Schnacky Goes from Disney to Country

In just 21 years, Noah Schnacky has lived more life than the average young adult in America. He has been on tv, hosted a childen’s program on Radio Disney, and is now pursuing a singing career. Being in the entertainment industry for over ten years has allowed the young celebrity to become mature well beyond his years. His debut single ‘Hello Beautiful’ is on both Apple Music and Spotify, where it has over 2 million streams. It is also on Spotify’s “Hot Country” playlist with other artists like Dustin Lynch and Billy Currington.

This single has the power to reach a lot of different listeners. The song has a very loving storyline about a and the different stages that couples often go through. It really shows what true love is all about and it shows that all relationships go through great times as well as hardships.

If Noah Schnacky can repeat the success he’s had on this song, he will surely be on his way to stardom sooner rather than later. He has lots of potential and is very experienced in the industry which will help him in the long run.

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