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Interview: Tracy Valle Is Composing Her Career

Tracy Valle was younger than she can remember when she first discovered her love of music. Her mother told her that while she was pregnant with Tracy she would play the soulful music of Sade. As a toddler, her Abuela (Grandmother) would play vinyl of the classical composers such as Bach and Beethoven. Tracy is a talented music composer with an emphasis on film, television and commercial who recently moved to Nashville with hopes of furthering her career.


MUC: What intrigued you about scoring/composing?

Tracy: I love the fact that without music, film wouldn’t have the same affect on people as it does. It may sounds pretentious, but it’s just the facts. I’m intrigued by the fact that I can write a melody or a motif, and spin it in so many different ways while keeping the overall feel throughout a film or video project, and evoke the emotions that my clients want to convey through their scenes. I also love that I can make wordless music that can have the potential to make a listener feel something on a deeper level than a song with words can.

MUC: What is your day job?

Tracy: I work as an administrative assistant at Lyric Financial. I’ll be bumped up to head of Customer Service in June when I start on salary.

MUC: What to date is your proudest accomplishment in terms of your body of work?

I am most proud of a senior project that I created while getting my Bachelor’s in Music Business. I wrote the script, and every single note of music that you hear in the video. Its 15 minutes long, 3 parts, and its very special to me because it is my testimony video in the form of spoken word. I just really enjoyed the process of making it, and having my story put out there for others to see, and to find inspiration in. Its also the biggest musical undertaking I have been a part of thus far, as I’m used to working on smaller scale videos.

MUC: If you could choose one current classical composer who it would be and why?

Olafur Arnalds, because I take so much inspiration from his work he creates music that is identical to the kind of music that I love to make and for so long I have been afraid to really go for the minimalist route in composing. Artists like Hans Zimmer, and Thomas Newman are amazing at what they do. And their level of fame is greatly deserved. But there is something about the simplicity in Olafur’s work that directly speaks to my creative mind and me. I feel the emotion so deeply when I listen to his music, and sometimes less is just more. I would love to work alongside him so that I could get better at using minimalistic methods to convey bigger and deeper ideas effectively. I would be so honored to have that experience. Maybe one day.

MUC: If music were a palette what colors would yours be?

Burnt reds, slate gray, white, rusty orange, muted tones and colors I love them.

MUC: Where do you see yourself in the future?

I see myself having a big family, and a stable career in creating music for other people’s film projects. I want to be able to travel freely and make music in beautiful places, and I don’t want to be famous. I just want a simple life, with enough to get by comfortably and to do what I love until I’m old and grey.

MUC: It was such a pleasure interviewing and getting to know Tracy. Please take a moment to check out some of her work on Facebook at VideoScore Compositions. The senior project she created titled Genesis can be found there as well. Thank you Tracy, we wish you the best of luck and never give up on your dream…

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