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Interview: Avalon Kali's Debut Leads to Success for Career

Singer/Songwriter, Avalon Kali, just released her debut self-titled EP. With debuting on the front page of iTunes Country, Avalon is clearing a path for her name. Avalon Kali chat's about the inspiration behind the project, her single 'Kitchen Dance Floor', and advice for female musicians.

Thank you for chatting with Music Update Central! You just released your debut EP. What's the inspiration behind the project? I had a lot of inspiration that went into making this project. I wanted to include songs that I felt everyone could relate to. I also wanted each song to have its own identity and not sound the same as the one before it on the record. Music is the universal language of the world and my main goal as a new artist and songwriter is to create songs that everyone can vibe with.

Your single 'Kitchen Dance Floor' just bypassed 75,000 streams on Spotify. What is that like for you? Having 'Kitchen Dance Floor' bypass 75,000 streams is so surreal to me. If you would've told be that was even possible last July when I finished recording this record I would have smiled in disbelief, but now I am smiling ear to ear with excitement and joy. I feel so grateful to have created a song with my co-writer and friend, Forrest Finn, that expresses my feelings of love and that people are listening and relating to my lyrics. Incredibly happy people are dancing in the kitchen with the one they love.

What advice would you give other females? To other females in the music business pursuing your dream, I would say to have confidence in yourself. Do not be afraid to own who you are and what your music represents. Support other women. Encourage each other to be the best we can be. It can be intimidating as women in this industry with the way that society and media outlets say we need to have this perfect image. But remember that if you stay true to yourself and true to your music, then you are perfect just the way you are.

When did you know you wanted to pursue a musical career? I knew I wanted to pursue a musical career since my third grade talent show when I sang "What I Like About You." Growing up, I was always singing and humming. But the moment it really hit me was when I was 14 and sang at a Susan G. Komen fundraiser, raising money to help the foundation. I sang a song I originally wrote for my older cousin called "By Your Side." The chorus said, "to me you're the princess in the shining light, you're a warrior ready to fight.," and as I sang those lyrics at this particular event I realized that one song could affect so many people in different ways. Even though I wrote that song for my cousin, I looked around the room watching mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends holding one another and I knew that I wanted to write songs forever. Music speaks to people in a way that words alone just can't.

Where can our readers follow you at?

Facebook: Avalon Kali

Instagram: avalonkali

Twitter: avalonkalimusic

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