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Naomi Judd Continues to Forge a Legacy of Success and Inspiration

As the CEO/Editor in Chief of Music Central Update I typically do not contribute as a writer for our magazine. I work on the day to day tasks of business administration, editing, assignments and working with my partner Trevor Perkins and our staff. Naomi's publicist, Scott Adkins sent us a release recently on Naomi's upcoming work and I found myself gushing mentally over how inspiring Naomi is in this crazy world we call the music industry. So executive privilege took over and here we are.

Some of the checks on her illustrious career life resume are, 15 #1 Hits on Billboard, 5 Grammy Awards and as a songwriter she won a Grammy for country song of the year with the Judds' hit "Love Can Build a Bridge" and 2001 ACM Duo of the year. Wait there is more...philanthropist, actress, talk show host, motivational speaker, New York Times Best Selling Author (I'm out of breath). If you work in any entity of this music & entertainment business and you are standing tall, you are a success. Naomi is a towering inferno of red headed bliss! It is not polite to mention or ask a woman's age but Naomi is not shy. I mean come on!!! I am sure you will agree, she is absolutely gorgeous at 72 years young. She even wrote a book about the subject, Naomi's Guide to Aging Gratefully: Facts, Myths, and Good News for Boomers. But you see... I am a believer that beauty shines on the surface because of the beauty that shines outward from inside. I would be remiss to leave out that she raised her children as a single mother. So add superwoman to her resume. I wanted to share with our readers all of her upcoming appearances, but I also wanted to take a minute to give respect to a woman who has navigated through the music and entertainment industry in the public eye with determination, grace, humility and she certainly shows no signs of slowing down. Thank you Naomi for setting the bar high by being an example to women like myself who want to achieve their goals in life. You have showed us all that anything is possible and that dreams and goals are attainable.

I asked Naomi the following question while working on this feature. "Naomi, you are truly an inspiration to many in the music industry and beyond, You continue to grow and flourish in your career and we all know that takes dedication, a good work ethic and of course time! What is something you do for yourself when you are not working to decompress and enjoy the fruits of your labor?" With her typical graciousness she responded, “Thank you so much for the kind words. That’s a loaded question and I could write a book for a response! Balance is really the key to success and life. Finding a balance for your work, home life, family and, of course, your well being. I think prayer and mediation is very important. My fur babies also make me happy!”

Naomi is stunning, spunky and continues to be a global music and inspirational icon. This spring, Naomi Judd brings that energetic flare to the April issue of First For Women as she opens up about the wellness strategies that keep her looking and feeling her absolute best. She also shares common sense beauty tips and the advice Oprah Winfrey gave her years ago that's even more relevant today.

Naomi will also be a guest on CBS' The Talk March 30 and Hallmark Channel's Home & Family April 2. Judd is opening up about her new paperback re-release of "River of Time: My Descent Into Depression and How I Emerged With Hope." CLICK HERE to purchase.

Let's not stop there. Country Music Fans will have an opportunity to be up close and personal with Naomi Judd during the yearly CMA Festival in Nashville TN! This summer the country music icon will return to the ball field for the City of Hope 28th Annual Celebrity Softball Game in Nashville, Tenn. Naomi participated in the game in the late 80s and early 90s and is dusting off her glove to return as a play-by-play Guest Announcer Saturday, June 9. CLICK HERE to purchase tickets.

This will probably be one of the few times you will see my name on a byline but I am honored to be there sharing this glorious and inspiring woman with all of you. You can keep up with all that is happening in the world of Naomi Judd...or at least try (I dare you) by visiting Naomi at

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