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Interview: We're Kickin' it Back and Fallin' In Love with Madelin

Electro-pop singer Madelin is showcasing her power with the release of her High School Boys' remix video, plus the release of her EP. Madelin chats about the inspration behind the video, upcoming release of EP, plus pursuing a musical career.

Thank you for chatting with Music Update Central! Your remix video for your single ‘High School Boys’ premiered on Billboard recently. What was it like creating the video? Making this video was one of the most artistically rewarding experiences of my entire life. My collaborator Jose Dao and I were completely hands on with every detail of the video. We thrifted each prop and hand painted/embellished them ourselves. We gathered an incredible crew of our peers in order to make our very specific whimsical vision come to life. It was hard work and a lot of fun. This video was also stimulating to make on an emotional level, The last couple years forced me to rediscover myself as a songwriter, artist, and human. This video is a manifestation of a transformation I went through. It truly is a time capsule of the current state of my soul.

You announced the release of your remix EP ‘The Peachmixes’ to be released on April 13th. What can fans expect with this release? For this EP I wanted to work with producers I know personally, and whose music I love and respect. I wanted to showcase the work of the creative people I’m lucky to call friends both with the actual remixes and with the music videos. When I listen to “The Peachmixes,” It sounds like who I am. I’m very proud of that because it’s easy to want to change yourself when you’re pursuing a career in music to try and be more marketable or trendy, but sticking to your authentic self pays off so much more in the end. Each song represents a side of me. They come together in an audio mosaic. This EP marks a new era for me and I’m so excited to share it.

When did you choose to pursue a musical career? I’ve wanted to be a musician since I can remember. I’ve been writing songs since I was eight years old. I started to seriously pursue music in high school and then went to SUNY Purchase Music Conservatory study composition. Now I continue to pursue my music with the same tenacity with which I pursue paying rent in New York.

MUC Random Question: What’s your favorite piece of clothing you recently bought? I recently found a turquoise and black dress from the 80s that i really like. I don’t normally go for full on 80s looks but something about the black faux leather cut outs, and the multi-tiered skirt had me shook so I decided it had to be mine.

Where can our readers follow you at? You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @madelinmusic. My facebook name is Madelin.

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