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Interview: You'll Be Boowho-ing After Hearing The Bad Bees

The Bad Bees are pretty unique and outstanding if you ask us! With the release of their EP 'Big Pretty', the group delivers an earful of music that will leave you in love. The Bad Bees discuss the inspiration behind 'Big Pretty', their single 'Boowho' and Netlfix.

Thank you for chatting with Music Update Central! You recently released your EP 'Big Pretty'. What's the inspiration/message behind the EP? Of course, inspiration comes from how we’re feeling at the time. This is the second project we’ve done, so we were really motivated for this one. We had a lot of momentum coming off of our last EP, and our drummer JT moved back from Cali with a head full of fire to really get us going. When it comes to message, we want to share our love for music. For us, music is a way to be ourselves, and we want everyone to feel that way. Everyone should feel big, pretty, and beautiful.

What's the inspiration behind your single 'Boowho'? Boowho takes a jab at nasty possessive feelings. We’re all guilty of squeezing a little too tightly every now and again. The song talks about wanting something to death. And then eventually realizing once you get it that it’s not want you wanted after all.

What can fans expect in 2018? We want to start breaking out of our normal circles more in 2018. We’ve decided to give ourselves a little more time before entering the studio again. We’re thinking that will happen next fall. And so in the meantime along with writing and preparing for the next batch of tunes, we plan on playing out and touring as much as possible.

MUC Random Question: What TV Show are you currently addicted too? That episode of Life on Netflix where the plants are going crazy and growing super fast. Exclusively this one episode we haven’t really been able to get to the rest of the catalogue, but this one episode is sexsentualTM The Bad Bees.

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