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Interview: LA Indie R&B Artist, Aeriel.

Independent R&B artist, Aeriel releases an inspirational EP, 'Sad Girls Club', with goal and message. Los Angeles artists chats about the inspiration behind the EP 'Sad Girls Club', living in LA, and advice for female musicians.

You just released your EP 'Sad Girls Club' What's the inspiration and message behind the EP? The songs on this EP have chronicled the relationships I’ve had over the past year both romantically and platonically so there is a range of emotions. I found myself noticing when I was writing this EP the many times I’ve tried to convince myself I was not upset or that certain situations ‘weren’t so bad’ because someone else told me I was overreacting. So the inspiration behind the EP and the title was to be unapologetic about the way I felt and inspire people to do the same.

You're currently in LA pursuing your musical journey. What have you learned and experienced while being a musician? The one thing I've learned these past couple of years is that there is so much musical talent, especially in large cities, that kindness, professionalism, and business savvy go a long way. Your music has to be great, but that's only about 20% of the puzzle. You have to keep that in mind and develop yourself in other areas while working on your craft.

What advice do you have for other females in the music industry or trying to find their voice? My advice is to try to be authentic to yourself and find your own space rather than listening to what others think you should portray as a woman. The reality is the world is very large and there is space for everyone as long as you focus on what matters, which is your music, content, and authenticity.

What does the twenty-eighteen hold for you as an artist? 2018 will include more music and more content, including a new video dropping in the near future. My goal for the year is to continue to craft my sound and grow as an artist and writer.

Where can our readers follow you at?

You can find me @aerielmusic on all social media platforms

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