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Young Inspiration: Kevin Kolk

At a very young age, Kevin Kolk is pleasing his followers with new covers and original music every day. Kevin Kolk discusses inspiration behind latest EP, favorite flavor pop, and his future in his musical career.

Thank you for chatting with Music Update Central! You released your debut EP recently. What's the inspiration behind the EP? I had been working on song writing for a while and really wanted to start sharing some of my songs and ideas with others. What better way than with an EP? I was able to write and produce along side some really great talents in the industry and had so much fun doing it. The EP is a fun pop mix and I really wanted it focused around my guitar.

You had a passion for gymnastics before finding your musical passion. What's your favorite memory from gymnastics? I think my favorite memory was becoming a state champion. But i did learn a lot about work ethic and how much hard work and dedication are needed to be successful

What do you remember about your first official show? How did you feel? I do a lot of singer songwriter style rounds and it’s a great way to share my music and provide my fans with some background info about how my music is created. Performing and being on stage sharing my music is a great feeling that is unlike anything else that you can experience.

MUC Random Question: What's your favorite flavor of pop? I like the kind of pop that is centered around the guitar like Ed Sheeran

What can fans expect in the future from you? More music. I’m always writing and working on songs. I can’t wait to release more music

Where can we follow you at?

You can find my Instagram and Twitter at “kevinkolkmusic”.

My facebook is “kevinkolkofficial”.

My website is

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