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The Van Interview That Rocked Our World

The van interview that rocked our world! We have the exclusive interview with Fluid Notion, as well as some exclusive performance footage from The Howl at The Moon Festival!

Straight off the stage and still sweating, I was pumped to catch up with the rockin' Fluid Notion after they performed at The Howl at The Moon Festival! To set the mood, the interview took place in the band's groovy van, complete with a hammock swing and some dim ceiling lights. Not only did they bring their positive vibes into the interview, they also brought their own unique personalities with them as well, thrilled to discuss their new music. We chatted about their new introspective EP "Shut Up!" and the human experiences included in their songs that breathe life into their unique sound. Their live show is an enlightening experience that will have you groovin' and movin' to the rhythm. Check out our exclusive interview!

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