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Remembering Glen Campbell: 1936-2017

We're saddened to hear the country music world lost a great contributor to the family. Glen Campbell passed away on August 8th, 2017. Campbell suffered from Alzheimer's for many years. Many country artists expressed their emotions on social media throughout the day, which can be viewed below.

"Glen Campbell was such a huge influence on me. Growing up, I studied his writing, songs and how he was an 'entertainer's entertainer.' Along with Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner, Glen Campbell was one of the first to parlay country music into mainstream television and broaden the entire country music fan base across the globe. Ride on Rhinestone Cowboy. God Bless." – Billy Ray Cyrus

“As a musician, he was a hero. As an Arkansan, he was a hero. RIP Glen.” – Justin Moore

"Glen Campbell was a generational talent whose multiple gifts transcends genres while simultaneously defining them. His music also helped define my childhood. He's a big part of popular music history, and we're all lucky as hell for that...May he rest well... There will never be another like him." – Ray Scott “What a great loss for Country Music and the world. Glen Campbell was one of the all-time greats as a singer, musician and entertainer, as well as a TV host and actor. He did it all and remained a down-home, salt of the earth man. He was a true gentleman who was always quick to say hello as if he was your neighbor. He was able to rise above all formats, as he hit the top of the charts in country and pop/rock virtually side by side. A remarkable feat by a most remarkable man.” – Gene Watson

"It's so sad to see another icon taken from us. He influenced so many musicians and artists. His music will live on forever." – Olivia Lane “Glen Campbell is a hero to me because not only was he a phenomenal guitar player, but because he had that style and swagger about him. He was the bling man, come on! Rhinestone cowboy, live forever.” – Craig Wayne Boyd

"Glen Campbell was one of the best of all time. His music has always inspired me. Rest in peace." - Logan Mize "My mom always had Glen Campbell records around the house and when I hear them now it immediately takes me back to being a little girl. I always admired his long-lasting career and how some of his most recent music, like 2011's "Ghost On the Canvas," was some of his best, which makes him a true icon. That song is so much more haunting now." - Kalie Shorr

We're very saddened to lose another talented artist this year. RIP Glen Campbell, 1936-2017. Our prayers are with his family, friends, and fans across the world.

At the request of his family, in lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Glen Campbell Memorial Fund at BrightFocus Foundation through

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