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Phangs New Album: Where Modern Meets Retro

Get ready to sink your “Phangs” into some electrifying new tunes. I first saw them at an A&R event called “Who Knew” at The City Winery, and I was blown away by their stage presence and their unique sound. I couldn’t seem to get enough.

“Get in My Arms” is their brand spankin’ new 7-track album. I was able to attend their album release party that made me love them even more. Not only was this release party inside a high-end shoe store (classic Nashville), they even had free plastic fangs to set the mood. Three people stood together to make music, and the small store was instantly turned into a music venue with an electric sound that was undeniable. People of all ages were in attendance (even if their parents had to drive them). It was an effortless sound that needed no further amplification. This album as a whole stood out to me as symbolizing a relationship, where each individual song symbolized different stages of being in love or the feelings that accompany that. Buckle your seat belts ladies and gentlemen as this album may cause you to travel through time.


Looking for honest, open and raw emotions about falling in and out of love? Then you’ve come to the right place, my friends. In the beginning, I felt as if they had a sound similar to MGMT, but then it transformed into something completely its own. Their album has a current, EDM sound that is almost futuristic but then incorporates an 80s/90s pop sound that takes you back in time. For a moment, you feel as if you’re living in John Cusack’s Sixteen Candles movie.


The album starts off with the cool, calm and collected – “Get in my arms”. This is the song I picture being played at a High school dance when you’re waiting for your crush to ask you to dance for the first time. It’s very direct and to the point. You want someone, you tell them, and there’s no confusion about it. This song taps into that vulnerable state you get into when you’re in a relationship and things are uncertain. It’s smooth and effortlessly flows like water.

The Second song on the album “Cul De Sac” embodies young love and finding it in the simplest, most innocent of places. This song reminds me that love can grow over time. Before you know it, time goes by and you keep reminiscing about a person that you never imagined yourself ending up with. This song takes you back to your early childhood crush (See, I told you to prepare for time travel).

The third song on the album needs no introduction. “Always Been U” featuring R.LUM.R is my personal favorite and was the first song I heard live. This is definitely one that sticks out from the other songs; a guilty pleasure in the sense that it’s so upbeat, you can’t help but move to the rhythm. The electronic beats compliment Jake’s voice nicely and add a fuller sound to the song. It’s very reminiscent in a sense that it represents a sudden realization that the person you were searching for was there all along. R.LUM.R adds some great vocals that accent the song and a tone that flows nicely. It gets REAL in this song. It’s all about being young and not really knowing what card you are going to be dealt in life portrayed in the lyrics, “Don’t know who I am, where I wanna go”. Being a woman in my 20s trying to navigate my career and the dating world, this spoke to me on another level. Seeing Phangs perform this at their release party was the highlight of the show. You could tell they were having a great time performing this song, and it showed in the music.

The fourth song on the album “Used 2 Dream” moves in slow motion. To me, it symbolizes falling out of love. It has a jazzy vibe with electric guitar sounds that really help give the song life. He used to dream about her, but he also can’t wait around for her to make up her mind. In this track, dreaming and being in love seems to be one in the same, inseparable.

“I Think I’m in Love?” was perfectly ended with a question mark. It gives off the late 80s, the early 90s sound immediately, and it’s a tune to jam to when you’re experiencing love for someone for the first time. He does not know what to do with the feelings he has for this person. This is a feeling that I know all too well because it’s where most of us have been before. When love is new, it can be intimidating and almost terrifying. They do a great job of portraying that feeling, and you can feel it in the music.

Have you felt “Used” recently? If so, this song is exactly what the doctor ordered. This song is about feeling used by a lover. In a way, you could take it as being used in a good or bad way. I personally felt the latter. He sang about not having the energy anymore. Sometimes when we feel used by someone emotionally, it can be draining. This is exactly the feeling I felt when listening to this track. The range of his voice is shown off quite beautifully in this song, taking you to a different place high in the clouds. You probably won’t want to come down after this one. The electric guitar is added in giving it a hint of rock n’ roll.

Last but definitely not least is “Time Goes By”. This track is all about wanting to stop time and be with the person you’ve been missing. It embodies the feeling of desire when you’re craving more time with someone. The electronic beats add an edge to the smooth surface of this tune.

This album leaves you craving more from Phangs but does a great job of satisfying your hunger for good, genuine music. It is unapologetically honest about all the positives and negatives of falling in love. “Get in My Arms” defies time and space as you travel through time in the album. There’s no doubt in my mind that Phangs is here to stay!

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