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YSSY Couldn’t Have Come ‘Sooner’ With Their New Single!

YSSY is a Toronto-based synthy, alt-pop duo consisting of singer-songwriter/producer, Elliot Caroll, and multi-instrumentalist/producer, Simeon Abbott. They just released their latest single, "Sooner"!

The song radiates pop vibes from the early 2000s that transports you into a classic love story.

Caroll explains, “It’s not exactly a love song — it's an almost-love song. It captures the quiet, self-revelatory, electric moment of realizing how you feel about someone and wanting to tell them ASAP, even if you don't know exactly how or when you're going to say it.”

The duo takes their listeners on a sweet and relatable journey that you never want to end. Not to mention, you won't be able to stop yourself from putting the tune on repeat.

Stream now on Spotify:


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