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Young Pop Star Ryan Brown Gets Emotional On New Single "Carousel"

Rising pop star Ryan Brown released her latest emotional single titled “Carousel” on July 7th. This 17-year-old New Jersey native is once again showcasing her maturity through her thoughtful and authentic lyrics. “Carousel” is an upbeat tune that serves as a metaphor comparing relationships to the popular amusement park ride. The rush of emotions and puppy dog love that everyone experiences in the beginning. Then the ups and downs that come from being intertwined with another person. Finally, the harsh reminder that eventually all rides come to an end. This tune can be found on all streaming platforms or you can listen to it here!

The chorus offers poignant metaphors about the inevitability and duality of life, including, “Leaves will fall and candles will burn/ I knew we wouldn’t make it but that doesn’t make it easier.” Ryan compares relationships to a carousel, with unavoidable rises and falls, and addresses her naivety in her past relationships, singing, “I hoped that we could beat the cycle/ I hoped we’d never change.” But, Ryan still has hope as she claims, “Someday I’ll find someone and we’ll ride this carousel.”

Growing up in Marlton, NJ, Ryan has worked with unfinished songs of the massively talented late Christina Grimmie. She finds comfort in knowing Christina’s work will live on through her own music. “I am from Marlton, NJ. Not only were most of my songs inspired by people here, but this town connected me to the Grimmie family and gave me the wonderful experience of working with them. I’m very grateful for where I live and have grown up.”

Ryan pulls her inspiration from the unfortunate experiences in her life and this song is no exception. Her graphic lyrics allow the audience to picture the scene while allowing the raw emotion to come through. Reminiscent of Olivia Rodgrigo’s debut album “Sour,” Ryan does not sugar coat her life, but tells real stories and the wisdom she has learned along the way.

Ryan Brown shows an immense amount of promise. There is no doubt that she will go on to do great things in the music industry. If you haven’t already, give the song a listen!

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