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You're Going to "Flip" When You Hear Erin Coburn's New Single

Erin Coburn’s newest single “Flip” is all the things music listeners are searching for when wanting something fresh. This single is one that will excite any listener. Erin Coburn releases her inner Willow with “Flip”, bringing a fresh take to her music. Her raspy and front present voice captures the listeners attention. Coburn uses her astounding vocals to not only tell a story but is able to mix multiple genres into one. When listening, I hear components of punk, rock, blues and even elements of hip hop music all mixed into one. This is not something that you come across everyday. Erin is presenting a new style and sound to the world with “Flip”

Along with the fresh mix of genres, the instrumentation on this song is thrilling, featuring an amazing and energetic guitar solo and great musicianship all around. The song is driven by heavy drums, distorted guitars, and a groovy bassline. Erin’s new single is sure to bring the rocker energy to any event and is one to look out for. Listen here:


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