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With Over 1.4M Streams On Her 11/20 EP Release, Brenda Cay Drops A New Single

February 19, 2021 (Nashville, TN) - Pandemic be damned, Nashville singer-songwriter Brenda Cay is prolific as ever. After a productive 2020, the coastal Americana songstress is back with “Alone with You,” her first release of 2021. The wistful new single premiered exclusively on Got Country Online yesterday. It's now available on all digital download and streaming platforms.

“Alone With You” is a distinctive mix of traditional country and rock that's propelled by Cay’s classic vocals and striking guitar riffs. With a steady, swinging drumbeat and even a bit of keys, this song offers a refreshing take on the typical country ballad.

While the singable chorus and relaxed beat are enough to captivate listeners on their own, the message underneath carries this song to another level. Expertly written, Cay uses memorable and relatable lyrics to draw listeners in and help them identify with the music, crafting a narrative about the exhilarating and intoxicating feeling of young love. From the lyrics, “Your smile, your laugh, the way you touch my hair” to "You’ve got that thing I can’t define and you’re how I want to spend Friday night,” Alone With You immediately lures in anyone who has experienced that first dawn of love. It doesn't disappoint!

Well-written, honest and accessible, it's everything that a country song strives to be. In an industry of fierce competition, this song stands out as a contemporary classic story telling country song.

“Alone With You” was recorded at Arch Audio Recording Studio in Chattanooga, TN.

Producers: Brenda Cay & Brian Brewer

Production Engineer: Ethen Martin

Mixing: Zach Allen

Guitar: Brian Brewer Bass: Tyler Reddick Keys: Hale White Drums: Ivan Garcia

BGV: Kristin Smith (vocal producer)

Mastering: Moontree Mastering (Brian J. Poole)

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