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Whey Jennings Always Wants to see you Smile!

Whey Jennings is a product of Country Music Royalty. His Grandfather and Grandmother were part of The Outlaws of Country Music of the 1970's and 1980's. (Also called American Country Music). Jessie Colter and Waylon Jennings were part of this merry gang of real unique, rebel driving country performers, along with the likes of Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard. So, now you know where Whey’s influences came from in his Country Music career. Whey seems to be continuing in their footsteps, keeping the good old boy sound alive, paving the way for Americana and he's doing a superb job of it, he feels that it’s in his blood.

In 2019, Whey opened for legendary people like Kid Rock, Charlie Daniels, played at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and so much more. This Fall, Whey is releasing new music and can’t wait for his fans to listen to some old time Outlaw Country sounds.

Whey performed on the Nashville Underground Performance radio show, has several performances coming up around the country, and wants to promote the tour, since he is always on the road. His influence comes from his grandfather, and lived with music in his home. Whey’s Mother was his biggest music influence, she had an extensive record collection, and he would just sit for hours listening to each and every one. He is a self taught musician, but is primarily a singer. His home base is Pennsylvania.

Whey stated that he has a new video coming out, with new music, and wait for it, it’s coming soon. He has several Collaborations on it and is excited about it. "We sit around and make music and put it out there" says Whey. Favorite city to play? Nashville of course, and Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, the north east, and Pennsylvania. Texas is his home state, because his family is there. “ I like to keep moving that’s for sure!” He stated this in regards to being always on the move. Whey also stays real, he can’t write anything fake, it comes from the heart, and he has to feel it. “Music is 30% heard and the rest of it is felt. I try to make sure you feel it” Whey is also going to be doing some Country Cruises including a Thanksgiving event, High Seas with Daryl Worley, and he says It’s like a floating bike rally. Whey also states he has a great support system helping him out and they come to see him play, you know they will be cruising with him. He loves everybody and wants to see them smile because he is a smile hunter.

Whey’s philosophy about life is to find something you enjoy and be happy about it. Whey has some more great videos and songs on the radar, listen for him, find him on youtube, and of course all streaming platforms

Go on out, see his show, hang out and have a beer with him. Whey loves his fans, and loves to see some smiling faces!!!

Whey Jennings: MUC (CMA 2019) Photo Credit: D91 Photography

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