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Vonn Kiss Releases Latest Single "Whiskey, Woman & Me"

With heartbreak comes loneliness and a feeling of detachment from the outside world, especially from friends and family. We long for anyone to listen, but sometimes we crave the company of someone who understands exactly what we’re going through. Von Kiss relates to this familiar feeling in his new single, “Whiskey, Woman & Me”.

The song tells the story of two brokenhearted people rallying together at a bar to ease their loneliness. With style reminiscent of a Tim McGraw classic, the song starts with an intimate arrangement accenting vocals and acoustic guitar. The female vocal compliments Kiss’s voice perfectly, emphasizing the shared sorrow of a broken heart. As the track develops, listeners hear their two stories through Kiss, complimented by the wailing harmonica and slide guitar.

“Life can be a broken body, a broken soul, and sometimes both. You search for the answers as to why and it often takes the deeper realization of someone else's pain to give you strength and know that you are not alone; though different, it is pain nonetheless,” 

- Von Kiss.

There is nothing stronger than connecting through mutual experiences. “Whiskey, Woman & Me” reminds us that not only is there hope amongst the rubble of a heartbreak, but strength in being vulnerable with others about the pain.

This single is another track off of Von Kiss’ highly anticipated full length album dropping this fall. Be sure to stream “Whiskey, Woman & Me” on Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music. For more information visit

(Reviewed by Andrew Marshall)


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