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VJ Jaxson Releases Inspiring New Single "Waiting On The Day"

Irish rising talent VJ Jaxson releases motivating anthem "Waiting On The Day," taken from his forthcoming sophomore EP "Changes."

You can listen to the single here.

With warm vocal tone and vulnerable lyrics, "Waiting On The Day" depicts Jaxson’s determined spirit.

VJ is inspiring and is a master at fusing and blending genres to create his own sound, making him a standout across multiple genres.

With influences such as Juice Wrld, Kid Laroi, and Lil Peep, Jaxson brings a new flavor to multiple genres, making him incredibly powerful across the board.

VJ Jaxson, the rising Irish sensation who ignites the stage with his enchanting fusion of soulful melodies, rousing rhythms, and exhilarating energy. With a powerful voice coming to life as a vessel of warmth and authenticity, Jaxson’s music effortlessly wraps heartfelt lyrics around infectious beats, delivering a sonic experience that penetrates the depths of our souls. With an expansive soundscape that weaves his influences of hip hop, rock, and RnB into a fierce, high energy amalgamation of emo rap and rock.

Keep up with VJ on his Instagram and keep your eyes open for his upcoming EP, Changes.


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