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The music video for “Back to the Future Love” is a blast from the past and when watching it,

viewers get an intense sense of nostalgia. Not only does it feature a replica of the DeLorean from “Back to the Future,” the hazy neon and muted colors will make you feel like you have entered a 1980’s dream-land. The video takes the viewer on a fantastical journey with Vicu and his love interest through the thrilling romance that they can only have in his dreams. From the very beginning when Vicu falls asleep and meets a girl, to the excitement they share and the chaos they face, Vicu inevitably ends up alone in the end. Nevertheless, the bittersweet love story is told in a way that is almost not bitter at all. The story and the aesthetic of the video leave the viewer thinking, “that was fun. I want to do that again!”

“BTTFL (Back to the future love) is my tribute to, in my opinion, one of the best, most creative films ever made. Growing up this movie had a huge impact on me and I always wanted to be like Marty Mcfly killing that guitar solo and in my own way I finally got to do that. The song is created to be a race against time. Myself as well as Matt Veirs of ( VisionMattersGroup) produce the record and I had the pleasure of having a very talented co writer (Dominique pendrick allen) create this record with me. It’s a love story but the catch is that your Dreaming and this adventure will only last until the morning. It's very powerful but in life at times can be fleeting. Love can be like that sometimes. Bittersweet. My hope/goal is that this song creates positive vibes and takes you on an adventure.” -VICU

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