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Veteran and 'The Bachelor' Contestant Brandon Mills Releases 'Don't Mistake' Video

Nashville recording artist Brandon Mills released the video for "Don't Mistake," his latest single. It premiered exclusively on Stage Right Secrets and can now be found on Brandon's VEVO channel. The song is available on all digital and download streaming platforms.

Brandon Mills’ “Don’t Mistake” is a raw, emotional tale of taking the high road. In the video, Mills embraces his past as a Special Forces veteran. The powerful song is a cry to question the division that fuels hatred, unhealthy cultural norms and the conventional wisdom on how to address those issues. In his transition out of military life, the “The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart” alum began investing his time and energy into philanthropic pursuits. In this music video, we see Brandon getting back to his Marine Corps roots in a forested landscape. This footage is intercut with flashbacks to major historical events. Through his moving lyrics, Brandon asks the listener to evolve in thought and action as he did through plant medicines, deep meditation practices and consciously connecting his mind, body and spirit. Together, the track and video convey such an impactful message. It’s clear that “Don’t Mistake” has a deep and special meaning to Brandon.

“I’ve been through two foreign wars/Seen innocent blood shed/On the pavement/Still don’t know what for,” Brandon sings.

The singer-songwriter felt inspired to couple this song with a powerful visual element to emphasize the internal struggle we all face in gathering the courage to rise above. As the film’s subject finds himself in nature, Brandon grapples with traditional ways of thinking, old wounds and stories of chaos. He pushes forward to reveal his departure from outdated patterns of thought. By the video's end, the viewer has completed an intense, personal journey with Brandon as the guide.


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